I will be back in Beijing for a few days over May Day holiday, and will be running this workshop upstairs at Camera Stylo, from 2 to 4.30pm, on Saturday May 4th 2019. Tickets cost RMB 200.

So You Want to Write a Novel?

is an overview of the creative, practical, and psychological challenges involved in writing long fiction, and getting it to readers in a rapidly changing publishing scene. It is based not only my own experience, but on discussions about the process and business of writing with a number of professional novelists.

It’s particularly suitable for people who are serious about their writing, and would like to tackle a full-length work. If you have attempted to write a novel but ran out of energy and ideas, and left it unfinished after a few chapters, then this workshop will explain why that happens and how to prevent it. Although it’s aimed specifically at aspiring novelists, it would also be useful for anyone wanting to write long creative non-fiction (eg travel writing, memoir.) It will be of limited use to poets and writers of short fiction.

This workshop does NOT cover detailed questions of craft, such as plot, dialogue, characterisation etc. I have separate workshops on these topics, which I would be happy to run if there is sufficient interest.

There will be no writing exercises. I don’t believe they are useful for serious writers, and will explain why during the workshop.

To book please contact me via WeChat (ID AndyKilleen), or use the contact form on this website.