With our first meeting approaching, I asked members of my critique group in the UK what they got out of it. Here are some of their responses:

Being new to the world of fiction writing I was quite anxious about reading my first piece of work aloud. The feedback was so positive and constructive that I took on the advice and submitted my first flash fiction piece. It’s a great support network.


It’s a fantastic environment full of fantastic people who encourage you and make you feel safe about sharing your work. It’s also inspiring to hear what other people are writing and their process.


The group delivered serious critique which encouraged me to write more and better, supported me when that’s been difficult, and built my confidence as a writer.


Listening to other people’s work in progress (in many different styles) is a privilege, and members of the group make very thoughtful comments. There’s a spirit of camaraderie, careful listening, encouragement and sincerity.


Nobody had read or heard my work before when I first read at the group, and I was anxious that I would be exposed as the fraudulent writer that I was. Instead, I received some of the best advice I could have asked for, and felt good about my work for the first time.
I don’t feel like an expert writer now, and I know there may be no such thing, but all of this group’s advice and critique has in no small part made me feel like I’ll be doing it for the rest of my life, and loving every minute of it.

Why not come along on the 8th March and see what a critique group can do for your writing?